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Strategies for Generating Buzz After a Trade Show

Maximizing Your Trade Show Impact

Trade shows provide a valuable platform to showcase your brand, connect with prospects, and generate leads. However, the impact of a trade show should continue even after the event is over. To maximize your trade show investment, you must continue generating buzz and capitalize on the momentum gained during an event. In this blog post, we’ll explore effective strategies for generating buzz after a trade show and keeping the conversation going.

Follow-Up with Leads: Strike While the Iron is Hot

One of the most critical post-trade show strategies is to follow up with the leads you acquired during the event. Start by reaching out to prospects promptly by sending personalized emails or making phone calls to express your gratitude for their visit. It’s important to nurture all relationships further. Provide additional information about your products or services and offer incentives or promotions to encourage them to take the next steps with your company. By striking while the iron is hot, you can convert these leads into customers and keep your trade show’s momentum alive!

trade show follow up

Share Highlights on Social Media: Extend the Reach

Utilizing social media platforms to share highlights from the trade show can also be beneficial. Post images, videos, and testimonials to excite your audience about your brand and showcasing your booth’s attendees’ unique experiences and opportunities at your booth. Encourage attendees to tag themselves and share their experiences, expanding your reach and attracting new prospects who may have missed the event. Leverage event hashtags and industry-specific tags to increase visibility and engagement.

Publish a Trade Show Recap Blog: Capture the Essence

Write a detailed trade show recap blog post to capture the essence of your participation. Highlight key takeaways, new product launches, customer success stories, and meaningful interactions. Include visuals like photos and videos to make the blog post visually appealing and shareable. By providing a comprehensive recap, you can bring those who missed the trade show up to speed and reignite interest among attendees who may have overlooked certain aspects. Share these blog posts across your website, social media channels, and emailed newsletters.

Offer Exclusive Post-Trade Show Promotions: Create Urgency

Create a sense of urgency and exclusivity by offering post-trade show promotions. Provide limited-time discounts, special packages, or exclusive offers to trade show attendees and leads. Make it clear that these promotions are available only for a specific period following the event, motivating prospects to take immediate action. Leverage email marketing, social media advertising, and paid retargeting campaigns with tools like Google Ads to promote these post-trade-show offers and drive conversions.

Strategies For Generating Buzz After A Trade Show Strategies for Generating Buzz After a Trade Show
Post-Trade Show Promotions

Collaborate with Influencers and Partners: Amplify Your Reach

Collaborate with industry influencers, partners, and complementary brands to amplify your reach. Seek opportunities to co-create content, host joint webinars, or collaborate on social media campaigns. Leverage their audience and credibility to extend your reach to new prospects who align with your target market. Encourage influencers and partners to share their trade show experience and provide testimonials highlighting your brand’s value. If you need help finding talented professionals that can help you execute a plan of action like this, please check out EventWeb’s Industry Suppliers Directory: Design and Marketing Services

Sustaining Trade Show Momentum

Generating buzz after a trade show is crucial to maximizing your impact and converting leads into customers. Following up with leads, sharing highlights on social media, publishing a trade show recap blog, offering exclusive post-trade show promotions, and collaborating with influencers and partners can sustain the momentum and keep the conversation going long after the event concludes. These strategies will help you maintain engagement, generate new leads, and drive conversions even after the trade show ends.

Remember, trade shows are not just about the event itself; they are part of a larger marketing strategy. By implementing these post-trade show strategies, you can extend the lifespan of your trade show presence and continue reaping the benefits long after the event has ended.


Effective lead follow-up involves prompt communication through personalized emails or phone calls. Express gratitude for their visit, provide additional information about your products or services, and offer incentives to encourage further engagement.

Sharing trade show highlights on social media extends your reach and excites your audience about your brand. It allows attendees to tag themselves and share their experiences, attracting new prospects and increasing visibility and engagement.

A trade show recap blog post captures the essence of your participation, highlights key takeaways, and reignites interest among attendees. It makes the event accessible to those who missed it and serves as a valuable resource for attendees.

Exclusive post-trade show promotions create urgency and exclusivity, motivating prospects to take immediate action. Limited-time discounts and special offers drive conversions, and promoting these offers through various channels increases their effectiveness.

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