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A Step-by-Step Guide: How to Use the Resume Wizard for Creating Your Professional Resume

Learn how to create a professional resume with the step-by-step guide using the Resume Wizard. Create a standout resume to enhance your job prospects today.

Create a Professional Resume for the Trade Show and Corporate Event Industry: A Step-by-Step Guide Using the Resume Wizard

Are you looking to create a professional resume tailored specifically to the trade show and corporate event industry? Look no further! In this blog post, we will walk you through the simple and efficient process of using the free Resume Wizard provided by EventWeb. With just a few steps, you can create an impressive resume that highlights your skills and experience, helping you stand out from the competition. Let’s dive in!

resume wizard A Step-by-Step Guide: How to Use the Resume Wizard for Creating Your Professional Resume

Step 1: Access the Resume Wizard

To begin, visit the EventWeb website at and log into your account. Once logged in, locate and click on the “Resume Wizard” option. Take a moment to familiarize yourself with the platform and its features.

Step 2: Personalize Your Information

The Resume Wizard is designed to streamline the resume creation process by auto-populating certain fields with the information from your account. However, you have complete control over what information to include. Customize your resume by editing the pre-filled details or adding new ones. Ensure accuracy and make any necessary changes to present yourself effectively.

Step 3: Craft Your Resume

Start by selecting an engaging title that captures the essence of your professional profile. You can choose from various options provided or create a unique title of your own. This title will be the first thing potential employers see, so make it compelling.

Next, write a concise and captivating summary that entices readers to explore your resume further. Put effort into crafting a summary that effectively highlights your key skills, experiences, and accomplishments. Remember, this section serves as a snapshot of your qualifications, so make it count.


Step 4: Outline Your Experience

In this section, you’ll detail your professional experience. The Resume Wizard provides built-in position options that are specific to the trade show and corporate event industry. Choose the appropriate parent position, such as Shop, Show Floor, Marketing, Office, or Executives. Based on your selection, you’ll be able to further specify your sub-positions, showcasing the range of skills you possess.

For each experience entry, include the company name, start and end dates, location, and a description of your responsibilities and achievements. Emphasize relevant skills and accomplishments that highlight your suitability for the industry.

Step 5: Education and Language Skills

Provide information about your education background, including the names of schools or institutions attended and the years of attendance. If applicable, mention any specialized training or certifications you have acquired.

Additionally, highlight your language skills, especially if you are comfortable working internationally. Specify your primary language and indicate your proficiency level in other languages, such as conversational or fluent. This information can be advantageous when seeking opportunities that require multilingual communication.

Step 6: References

Lastly, include references to provide credibility and validation of your skills and character. Enter the names, email addresses, and phone numbers of your references. If you choose to include a phone number, ensure your references are aware that they may receive calls from potential employers.

Shaking hands, interview and business people give a handshake after hiring a new company employee. Onboarding, thank you and management welcome young African worker a job promotion in office meeting

Step 7: Review and Download Your Resume

Once you have completed all the sections of the Resume Wizard, take a moment to review your information for accuracy and clarity. Ensure that your resume reflects your professional achievements and effectively represents you as a candidate.

When you’re satisfied with your resume, click on the “Download” option. Your professional resume will be generated, complete with all the information you entered. Take a moment to review your completed resume to ensure everything is in order. If you need to adjust, you can easily do so by clicking on the edit icon next to your Resume Wizard on your account home page.

Maximize Your Job Opportunities in the Trade Show and Corporate Event Industry: Utilize the Resume Wizard Today

Congratulations! You have successfully utilized the Resume Wizard to create a professional resume tailored to the trade show and corporate event industry. This powerful tool simplifies the resume creation process, enabling you to showcase your skills and experiences effectively.

Remember, in addition to downloading your resume, EventWeb provides various options for utilizing it. You can submit your resume directly to job openings listed in our Help Wanted section, or upload it to the EventWeb Resume Database, increasing your visibility to potential employers.

Utilize the Resume Wizard today and take a step closer to landing your dream job in the trade show and corporate event industry. Good luck!

For an in-depth tutorial demonstrating how to use our Resume Wizard check out the video below.

A Step-by-Step Guide: How to Use the Resume Wizard for Creating Your Professional Resume

Do I need to create an account to use the site?

No, you can view any of the areas listed below without needing an account:

  • Help Wanted Ads
  • Profiles of any Producers, Virtual Producers, Freelancers & Independent Contractors, or Industry Suppliers
  • Promos

To perform the following actions, you’ll need to create a free account:

  • Post your resume
  • Apply to Help Wanted Ad through EventWeb
  • Create a profile 
  • Post a Promo
  • Use the Resume Wizard
  • Use the RFP Wizard

Is EventWeb free?

 It is free to create an account on EventWeb, and the vast majority of our features are free to use!  Here’s a list of all our free features:

  • Browsing Help Wanted Ads
  • Browsing directories 
  • Contacting any businesses listed in directories
  • Submitting resumes into the Resume Directory
  • Applying to jobs through EventWeb
  • Creating an RFP using the RFP Wizard
  • Creating a resume using the Resume Wizard
  • Browsing and using Promos
  • Accessing our Industry Knowledge Center

What services do you charge for on EventWeb?

EventWeb charges for the following services:

  • Browsing the Resume Directory
  • Posting a profile into one of our Directories
  • Posting a Promo
  • Advertising on the various areas of the website

How much does it cost to get listed in a directory?

Here’s a pricing breakdown for the various directories:

  • Producer Directory
    • Tier 1 (Large Producers): $200/mo
    • Tier 2 (Mid-sized Producers): $150/mo
    • Tier 3 (Small Producers): $125/mo
  • Virtual Producers: $250/mo
  • Industry Suppliers: $100/mo
  • Freelancers & Independent Contractors: $75/mo

How much does the Resume Directory cost to view?

Being a startup, the resume directory will be free for any paying directory members while we work to increase the number of resumes we have listed.

How much do Promos cost to run?

Promos cost $95/mo to have listed.

What are your advertising costs and options?

Please reach out to us directly at to discuss advertising opportunities.

What’s the difference between Tier 1, 2, and 3 Producers?

We have no strict guideline for Producer tier levels and allow Producers to decide this level for themselves.  The way we see it, some Producers in our industry are better equipped to handle large projects than others, and some Producers are better equipped to handle smaller projects.  Event Managers are aware of this, and when searching for partners, it helps greatly to understand the type of Producer they’re considering working with.  For example, if a company’s next event is a 10,000 square foot CES custom buildout with a $2 million dollar budget, then consulting with a Tier 3 company that only has four employees and typically handles projects in the $50,000 range may not be the best use of time for the Event Manager or the Producer.  In contrast, if an event calls for a 200 square foot rental exhibit at a small venue, engaging a Producer with hundreds of employees who typically works on $500,000 projects may also not be the best use of time.  Certainly this isn’t always going to be true as many Tier 1 Producers handle smaller accounts and plenty of Tier 3 Producers also have large accounts, but our feeling is that indicating tier levels can greatly help Event Managers and Producers best manage response expectations for new projects.

How can we add a search field option to the drop down that isn’t currently listed?

Drop us a line at and let us know what you’re looking for!  We can easily add your suggestion so the option becomes available.

How do I reset filters in directory searches?

Just click on the “Reset Filters” button located at the bottom of the filter section.

After I save a company listed in the directory, where can I find them?

Just navigate to “My Account” and then click on “Favorites” on the left menu.

How do I submit my Resume to Help Wanted Ads?

After clicking on an ad in the Help Wanted section, scroll to the bottom of the page and click on “Submit Resume”.  Once there, you’ll be prompted to select either a custom uploaded resume or your resume created by the Wizard. 

How many RFPs built in the Wizard can I store on my account?

Currently, EventWeb only supports one active RFP from the Wizard.  You can download your RFP though and store it locally and then create a new one.  You can also create a new account with another email address and store a new one there.  We are working on options for storing multiple RFPs in an upcoming upgrade!

How do I edit an existing RFP from the Wizard?

Click on “My Account”, select RFPs from the left menu, and then click on “RFP Wizard” to access your existing RFP.  Just navigate through the pages to select the field you wish to change and click “Next” until you finish up to recreate and finalize the RFP.

Just click on “My Account” and then click on “Download RFP Wizard” which is located under your email/user type area.

Where can I learn how to use the Resume Wizard?

Check out the tutorial video we made on the Resume Wizard page here: 

Where can I download my Resume?

Click on “My Account” and then click on “Download Resume Wizard” for a PDF you can email or print out to bring with you on an interview.

Are you ready to create the perfect resume for your next tradeshow?

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